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Hello to our all faithful patrons and pasta lovers. We wanted to bring up to date on some of the new options that we are offering at Semola.

First of all, you will not be able to get our Fusilli we served since the opening, our mascot Alfredo didn’t agree with her and waved at the fusilli with his signature “Ciao Bella”.

Now, we have listened to you, and we upped our portions by 20% as your feedback is important to us, and we wanted to have you to have complete satisfaction when you leave Semola, and if you have leftovers, you can always keep them in the fridge and heat them back up for up to 24h, or snack on it at any time.

Let’s talk about the new options. We added some meat/protein add-ons available to all your pastas.

We will get into the details of both options, but first we also created our combinations that are easy to order from our Online Ordering Website.

Meat Lovers new options

Meat Lovers Bigoli: Take our Bigoli, “thicker spaghetti”. Add to it a generous helping of our Bolognese Meat Sauce, and top it off with three meatballs.

Chicken Alfredo New Options

Chicken Alfredo Fettucine: Our classic fettucine, and signature Alfredo Sauce topped with Free Range Chicken. On the photo above you can also see a few red pepper flakes to give it a little “kick”.

As you might have figured out by now, the two new options that we are adding to our menu are Meatballs, oven baked, they are our Co-owner’s Andrea special recipe, and a part from being baked, we don’t know any more, as he would not tell us as it’s a secret…

When it comes to our chicken, for the leaner protein for the health conscious. It is free range, seasoned with mediterranean herbs and spices, then grilled to perfection. So you can add it on top of your pasta without any guilt. The perfect combination of carbs and protein will bring you energy and strength before or after going to the gym…

Also, You can order all our dishes directly from Facebook.

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