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September 27, 2019 by Semola0

You have all been to a music festival, and you have seen the food options there. Sometimes you end up having some good food choices, and sometimes you are out of luck and bound to eat what is available. This weekend is quite a big music festival in Little Italy with electronic music. There will be thousands of people at this festival and a selection of food booths.

Our suggestion is to eat beforehand…

Semola is opening right on time to welcome festival goers and provide them some good and healthy carbs so they don’t feel the negative effects of alcohol in your body in the case they would indulge, with moderation, to a few adult beverages.

Discover our menu, available starting Saturday, as well as the Grand Opening event this evening.

You can also visit our sister company Ambrogio15 at the Little Italy Food Hall, but there is a possibility that the line will be long. We also have the online pickup store on our website – – with this application you can order your pizza from your UBER (or Lyft) on the way to the music festival, pick it up at Ambrogio15 Little Italy twenty minutes later.

The Little Italy Food Hall is the perfect place in San Diego for you to pickup food before the music festival. Always good to be out and partying in the sunshine with a full stomach.

As you know, Italians love to indulge. Could it be with food or drinks, as well as spend time in the sun. So you can trust us on helping you be prepared for an evening of fun in the sun.

After the festival, we will still be open so you can indulge in another bowl of pasta, those will give you the necessary energy so you can keep dancing through the night.

Music Festival – Fun in the sun

We love music festivals, specifically electronic music. But this year we will be focusing on your fun. Making sure to provide you with the highest quality of food. We want you to enjoy everything single moment of it. Fingers Crossed.

Photo: Mixmag

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